Big Windows – Why Not?


Big windows are generally associated with modern houses but they are also suitable for houses that have been built decades ago. In fact, they are perfect for any type of house such as the classical Victorian home for example.

Classical Houses

These houses have windows that allow for the maximum amount of light. This is a design that is copied from the actual Victorian era where electricity was not invented or was scarce. These windows are always arched. An arch was often used to reinforce the opening. Square openings were more difficult to keep rigid because of the lack of the key stone. Another excellent reinforcing technique used was the Cathedral shaped windows which are still used today in many churches.

Panels were also a common style for the Classical houses. The sectors dividing the glass were a way of reinforcing the entire glass piece. The stainless steel blocks vibration if something gets thrown at the glass making it a safer break avoiding shattering. The windows would also mimic the door to make everything uniform and elegant.

Modern Houses

Glass is more affordable than concrete. That’s why most of the modern houses are made up of windows mainly rather than actual structure. The large window often spans from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. This is a perfect way to allow the maximum amount of light into a house. This natural light will cause you to use less electricity while admiring an amazing design.

This type of design is ideal if you live in a mountainous area where the view of nature and the mountains is breath-taking. This allows for maximum vision of the surrounding area. The only awkward part about these huge pieces of glass is that people can see into your house. So you need to add custom sized curtains or tint the glass.


A roof, a garden, a concrete structure and big windows is the type of house most people want to live in. Houses are meant to allow you to have as much privacy as possible but people do enjoy the huge windows for a lovely view of the garden. Why not put the bigger windows at the back of your house where people can’t peer into the house? A bay window is also a good example of a big window. These were used in many castles and palaces as they admit more light to the inside.

It’s also a fantastic idea to place bigger windows in dining rooms especially if you entertain people often. Artificial light can give a person a headache whereas natural light allows just the right amount of sun rays in for people to be comfortable.

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating a home or installing new windows or. Make sure that you choose wisely so that you enjoy every moment of your home.

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