How To Choose The Right Pool Cleaner For Your Backyard Pool?


If you have just installed a new swimming pool in the backyard of your house, then there is one more thing that you have to buy, i.e., a pool cleaner. The reason for buying it is to keep the swimming pool in a good working condition for a long-long time. A swimming pool cleaner can cost you anywhere from $500-$1500. It is perhaps one of the most expensive products that you can buy for your swimming pool, therefore, it is important for you to pay extra attention while buying it. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a reliable product, which otherwise you would have paid in repairing or replacing the parts of the swimming pool in the future. An efficient pool cleaner can increase the life of your swimming pool.

While selecting a cleaner for your swimming pool, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is what type of product would suit your pool. There are two types available in the market right now, these are; pressure and suction cleaners.

Pressure Pool Cleaners: These make use of the pressure from the pump to clean up the swimming pool. When the pressurized water enters the pool through the jets, which are placed at the bottom of the cleaner, the dirt and debris is pushed into the collection bag.

Suction Pool Cleaners: In these, the dirt and debris are trapped by the vacuum that is created by the main pump. The dirt and debris are removed from all corners of the pool, thus providing you with a neat and clean pool. There is a collection basket attached to the main pump basket or the vacuum hose.

Which one is better?

If there aren’t a lot of debris to clean, then suction ones are better. If your pool doesn’t get too dirty, then you should probably opt for the suction type. A pool where lots of dirt, debris, leaves and branches are present, the mouth of the suction pool cleaner is usually clogged, so it is not recommended to use the suction types there. You may also get some additional issues such as, damaged pool pump, blocked suction line and dirty water.

You can also buy a pressure pool cleaner, but I would not recommend buying a booster pump along with it. By not having the booster pump, you will save a lot of money and the operation will also not be affected. Moreover, the design of the pool also plays a crucial role in deciding which pool cleaner to buy. With a plethora of products available in the market, it often becomes hard for people to choose which product is well-suited for them. So, take the help of all the platforms such as, online reviews, public forums and other reliable platforms. The more information you get, the better it is for you to make the right decision.

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