Automatic Screwing Machines: A Look at the Latest Trends


Today, almost all manufacturers know the importance of automatic screw locking machines. Therefore, most of them invest in this type of equipment in order to boost productivity, accuracy, and quality. We know that reduced downtime and enhanced assembly process depend upon reliability and high speed. Therefore, if this system is automated, it will help reduce waste and enhance productivity. Let’s find out more.

Data-Driven Drivers

These days, most industries require tools that offer ease of use, quality assurance, speed, and reliability. Therefore, you may see an increased demand for screw locking machines. These units provide much greater torque control in order to ensure the traceability and integrity of the joint.

Using an automated screw locking machine, you can help your engineers make it easier to assemble products. This is done by reducing the number of fasteners or relocating them to improve access. What happens is that these machines capture and analyze the production data. Therefore, they can make predictions, prevent system failures, boost production and reduce inefficiencies.

When it comes to automatic screw locking machines, data collection is on the list of most recent trends. Basically, these devices are equipped with amazing track-and-trace technology in order to offer a detailed record of the entire tightening process.

Flexible Fastening

The goal of engineers is to use one machine for a number of products regardless of the location of the screw. For the same reason, these devices are being integrated in a way that there is no need of an operator.

Apart from this, if the product requires manual changes, you can use the same device to assemble fresh versions. These new versions can help cut down on power consumption.

Feeding Time

If you want to use the manual method for the screw installation, an assembler is required for the screw retrieval from the bin. Then, it’s aligned and connected to the fastener. Using an automated machine, it’s easier to take care of the whole process.

An operator is needed for positioning the driver over the location. The good thing is that auto-feed screw locking devices offer much better control when it comes to the assembly operation. Plus, it’s possible to control the fattener speed, tightening direction, torque, and rotation angle.

Also, autofood systems offer much more efficiency. They are ergonomically superior to manual machines. So, it’s possible to reduce waste and improve quality. In most assembly operations, automated screw locking devices are the best choice in order to streamline the assembly process.

Besides, they feature depth control features in order to control the depth of the screw precisely in order to prevent component damage.

Long story short, this is a brief look at the new trends with automated screw locking machines.

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