How and Why to Build Your Own Green Roof


Greenery lovers are consistent when it comes to green roofs. The advantages offered by this sustainable piece of land are enormous. Home designs points out what is necessary to build your own roof garden.

Green roof or “living roof” is a concept that is often mentioned in recent years. Nowadays, many Aussies are preferring greenery instead of concrete. We are consistently surrounded with topics like global warming and climate change. This is the change we need. Although their installation is considered as expensive and complicated, it cannot be compared to the huge contribution that these roofs have.

In order not to cause damage to your home, you have to install a waterproof membrane. This allows water not to leak into your home. Next installation is the root protection layer, which will stop the roots to penetrate through the membrane. The process ends with an installation of drainage and soil layers. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire an expert who will design the garden.

Not every house can have this type of roof. Certain circumstances should be observed: the construction of the house and its weight loading capacity. The size and depth of the garden are important factors too. The watering process should not be a problem at all. A structural engineer will determine if a green roof is suitable for your home. You wonder how much does this roof cost? The definite budget depends on the roof construction and complexity of the roof design.

Maybe the biggest advantage of the green roof is your home’s increased property value. They will save you money because you’ll pay less for heating and cooling off your home. They also reduce traffic and Aeroplane noise. Most layers from which the green roof is built allow the sound waves to be rejected. Who would say you will get quite days and nights by setting up a green roof? Not to neglect the beauty of these roofs. People no longer want to stare at concrete urbanized buildings. It’s much more likely they will choose a beautiful natural roof garden.

If we think better, natural ecosystems are created by attracting new flora and fauna. Just imagine the bees that are pollinating the flowers, reducing the air pollution. The plants are delivering cleaner air, by absorbing carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. Increased temperatures in urban cities can be reduced by replacing concrete surfaces with green roofs. Don’t forget the positive impact these gardens are having on our mood and mind.

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