Pesticides Are Around Kids Everywhere


Pesticides are used around kids all the time. As the concerned parents, we don’t know when or where Pest Control Operators are doing their treatments but these chemicals are applied in all sorts of places to make sure there are no bugs. Most traditional pesticides sold and used today are synthetic meaning they are man-made chemical concoctions that do not exist in Nature. Homeowner’s products have a distinctive odor (actually stink!) added so that people are less likely to over apply. Public spaces get professional grade products without a stink.

Therefore, Exterminators spray products that are odorless, colorless, and there is no way to know when they are applied… unless you are in the loop with Property Management. As it is too costly and labor intensive to spray frequently, the Pest Control Operators on a Pest Control Service route are spraying chemical pesticides that last right at 3 months. Quarterly service, four times a year.

That way, after three months, you will need them again. You’ll be told it is perfectly safe. Just let it dry and it’s all good. No worries about kids or pets except you may want to cover your aquarium… (Wait, if it is safe, why do I have to protect the fish? Hmmm… another article tangent.)

For an example, imagine an elementary school with kids K-5. It’s time for the quarterly pest control application so let’s wait until after school which gives plenty of time to dry before class the next day. Super.

The Pest Control Company sprays an odorless, colorless toxic chemical throughout every single classroom, in the cafeteria, in the gym, in the bathrooms, and hallways. Everywhere! Even into the Reading Corner of the first Grade Classroom where the kids sit on the floor. Even though there is no indication whatsoever that pesticides have been sprayed there – no odor, nothing to see – the kids sit cross-legged as their hands and legs come in contact with the floor. The pesticide laden floor.

This sprayed floor area has the persistence – for at least three months – to kill a bug if it crawls over the treated area. This very same area that young children are sitting in that can kill bugs for three months is occupied by students absorbing this pesticide through their skin and undoubtedly ingesting some as little kids ALWAYS put their hands in their mouths. And it is just as scary on Day 90 as it is on Day 1.

Same with Day Care Centers, Doctor’s Offices, Malls, Theaters, Office Buildings, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc. Granted, kids aren’t necessarily lounging on the floor in Public Spaces but you get the idea. Pesticides are everywhere kids are and the level of toxicity rarely changes.

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