How to Make Your Interiors Ready for the Summers


While welcoming summers, it’s important to give your interiors a light and airy look and feel. With winters gone, you can now say goodbye to coziness and bring in the lighter tone around the corner in your room.

Give your space a seasonal lift is not that difficult. A lot of people worry about it because this can up very high on the budget. Well, this traditional stereotype has to be changed which is why you must continue reading to get few tips and tricks and revamp your interiors without splurging much. It’s not always necessary to opt for a full-blown makeover. Few tine changes can create the best of the impact.

Big changes come with small changes…

Here is what you can do…

1. Try changing your bed sheets

Opt-for sheets which are made using breathable materials, like linen and cotton. Think of all the light and vibrant colours in the world and bring them in your room on your bed. We would advise you not to get too hung up on the thread count for a soft and luxurious feel. You should also keep in mind that this will bring the heavier sheet. A great solution for it could be opting for a layer of sheets with heavier one on the downside and lighter one at the top. This will solve the problem for the cold chilly nights.

2. Giving your windows a perfect seasonal dress code

Replacing dark coloured heavy curtains with lighter linen curtains is a perfect way to dress up your windows. Soft in appearance, these linen curtains allow air and natural sunlight to pass through it easily, giving your room a bright and breezy feel.

Note: If you can-try and create sync between sheets and the curtains with colours, this will further add up to create a unified and eclectic appeal.

3. Give your floors a vibrant look and feel with trendy rugs

Create beautiful flooring with trendy large area rugs and give your floor a cushioned feel. These rugs are a perfect way to create an x-factor in your room. They are practical, stylish and an awesome way to insulate your floors during chilly nights. There are plenty of options to choose from like the classic traditional rugs, cheeky and modern designer rugs, luxurious wool rugs, posh and sumptuous shaggy rugs and lots of others. Not just these, these rugs also come in plenty of design options. Few of the trends are geometric pattern, classic medallion pattern complimented with borders, all-time famous striped pattern and lots of others to give your floor a desired uplift.

4. Try incorporating natural elements in your room

Season flowers, wreaths on the doors, artificial fruits basket on your dining table; all these small elements can create an immense impact. Flowery decorative pillows and cushions, botanical motifs on blankets or curtains; these are few of the prime requisites of the season and you should consider having them around. Moreover, you can welcome natural flower if you are a true nature lover.

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