Automatic Sliding Glass Doors And Their Advantages For Business


Automatic sliding glass doors can be bi-parting, single sliding or even telescope sliding. They are safe and very convenient entrance systems with their biggest advantage being that they allow access that is hands-free. They add luxury and a decorative appeal to the property and they have actually become a preference for most businesses and even residential properties. If you have a business establishment, they offer lots of convenience even for your customers and they cater to the elderly or disabled people who wish to use your premises. But what advantages have actually made the automatic sliding glass door popular in businesses?

They add an element of elegance – The automatic sliding glass doors are not only modern and functional, but also add a touch of elegance. When used on a business premises they add aesthetic appeal, especially broad glass panes that are glistening.

They are customer friendly – They prove to be quite advantageous and helpful to customers who are aged, disabled or even parents that need to access the business premises carrying babies in their arms or as they wheel them in strollers. Whatever items are carried in hands by customers, they offer them quick and convenient access. They also make it easy for the customers to exit with shopping carts after making purchases.

The doors are cost efficient – This is because they eliminate the slamming and pushing effects of traditional doors that eventually lead to damages from the large amounts of disturbances. There is less contact and hence reduced damage to the doors. These doors are also environmentally friendly and increase visibility and indoor light into the premises saving energy costs at the end of the day.

They are inviting to customers – As they automatically open and close in retail outlets, they tend to be very appealing to the passersby and they end up dropping in to check what is being offered. They offer a professional look for the business and are quite welcoming compared to conventional doors that need a push to access the property.

They are convenient for large merchandise – The truth is that they can be very large and will usually be twice the size of standard traditional doors. They are therefore very functional for stores, especially when receiving large items for stocking or after customer purchases and the items need to leave the store. They accommodate Christmas trees, large furniture pieces, couches and even huts with ease. Their size reduces the chances of damaging items as it is usually the case when trying to push them through the traditional doors that are smaller.

They offer transparency and add a sense of security – Glass is regarded as brittle and fragile, but the automatic sliding glass doors are made with materials that are toughened and therefore are way stronger that the usual safety doors. They keep your business premises transparent and secure for that matter; it is hard for people with bad intentions to attack a premises where they know they will largely remain visible even to passersby.

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