Installing Asphalt Paving


Asphalt paving installation can be a very labor-intensive job. It can also be complicated if there are not specific steps followed along with the preparation phase not properly completed. If the area is not completely ready and you attempt to lay the asphalt, it will not be durable and smooth. Most homeowners will hire a professional asphalt paving company with many years of experience doing this job and has references to prove it.

Marking the area

If you are having a driveway poured, the starting point could be next to the garage or at the end of what will be your driveway. Once you have chosen your starting point mark it with a wooden stake in the ground. Continue to mark the area with a tape measure around the exterior perimeter of the area. At each corner pound in a wooden stake. To make sure that the area is symmetrical you can measure from one corner to the other, mark the numbers down, and continue to do all four corners or you could use a laser level. If the numbers you wrote down match then it is square and you are ready for the next step.

Preparation process

Dig the area out to get it ready for the gravel and asphalt. Take a string from one wooden post to the next and dig the area out inside of the string to at least twenty inches. You want to get it as close as possible below the twenty inches. Use a gas powered compactor to make sure that the area you dug does not settle and ruin the layer of asphalt by compacting the entire area. If the under area is not level and solid the next will not be either.

Building a solid foundation

You will need some cheap lumber to build a barrier around the perimeter, making sure that it is flush with the ground. You can use small stakes around the outer edges to secure the frame if you need too. Once you have compacted down the soil, you can start on this next step. At this time, if the homeowner has hired a professional asphalt paving company, they will let them take over at this point in the job. A layer of landscaping mesh will be stretched across the area and levels of pea gravel will be put down. There will be five layers. Each layer will be leveled out using a shovel or rake and compacted down before the next level is put down.

Asphalt paving installation

When pouring asphalt the company will spread it around to make sure that is appropriately sloped for water run-off. They will also compact it down before it dries.

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