How to Get Your Polished Concrete to Match Your Concrete Countertop


Polished concrete has made its way into the interior design industry and is there to stay. Whether it is used for floors or countertops or even furniture, polished concrete not only looks extremely beautiful and elegant, but it is also very durable. Read on to find out everything you need to know about polished concrete and how you can match the cement which is used in your house for different purposes.

What is concrete?

Concrete is a substance made out of several different types of materials. Cement is one of the most important constituent materials of concrete. Generally, a cement binder and an aggregate are used to create concrete. Even though some companies create different versions of this with a high content of recycled items, the final product which is produced by these companies generally weighs equivalent to granite.

Polymers, too, are now added to concrete, making it light weight and even more durable. With the addition of polymers, concrete slabs have less cracks and crevices. Research and technology has now even made staining and polishing more possible for an aesthetically appealing finish.

What is concrete polishing?

This is a process through which the surface of concrete can be made smooth and shiny. Through concrete polishing, you can get luxuriously shiny surfaces which are elegant and beautiful. There are several different ways in which this can be polished. One of the most common methods of this surface is floor grinding.

Floor grinding is one of the best ways to improve the interior of your house. The technique involves using machinery to polish concrete until it is smooth and shiny. Diamond polishing is another technique which comes in handy when you require cement to be polished. In this technique, a resin matrix is used with diamond abrasives, polishing the floor for a look like no other!

How can countertops be matched with other concrete?

A major reason for the popularity of concrete countertops is the different designs and colors which can be added to them. Acid staining countertops is a guaranteed method of improving the décor of your house. Through this technique, you can use the color and design of your choice not only on your concrete countertops and concrete floors, but in some cases, it is also possible to make designs on furniture which has been made using this.

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